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You may contact me via my business email:
[email protected]
or message me on social media!
For commission inquiries, please fill in the form below when placing an order:

  • Your email

  • The type of drawing you want example: fully rendered bust up.

  • Reference images of the character, background, pose, etc.

  • Facial expression of the character.

  • Any other information I should know before starting a skecth.

  • You may also tell me info about the charcater (personality, age etc.)

This page is under construction.
If you wish to see my art works, check out the link below!

Terms of Service

Please read before ordering a commission, adopting a design or sharing my art work on social media.

Payment Method PayPal Only (EURO)
All payments should only be made in Euro (unless agreed otherwise)
I require Full payment before I start working on the art.
For commercially used works I may take half payment up front.


  • Female Characters, props, pets, kemonomimi, fairies, mermaids, cute stuff

  • Male characters, Armor, Weapons, Old people, anthropomorphic characters, slight NSFW is ok

  • Gore, real people (from photos of people), Kinks, anything I am personally uncomfortable with.


I can decline a commission request for any reason I see fit. If I feel I am not able to/ want to work on a commission I have the right to refuse.
I will not draw anything that makes me uncomfortable.
The commissioner must provide clear visual references.
These references can be screen shots, pinterest boards, google docs, or toyhouse characters with IMAGES
I will not accept a commission requests without visual CLEAR references of the character.
The commissioner will receive a high resolution file of the commission via Email OR I provide a download link from google drive.
No physical copy of the completed artwork is being sent.
I will not be held responsible for the loss of any product once it has been confirmed to be provided to the commissioner.
I may not keep back up copies of the commissioned work.
Commissions are only for personal usage
UNLESS the commissioner pays the fees for commercial usage.
♥ The commissioner is allowed to repost the commission under the condition that I, the artist, am properly credited through
linking my website, tagging my account in the initial repost, and/or being credited untagged.
♥ The commissioner is not allowed to TRACE / EDIT / REPOST / SELL and/or RENDER my artwork.
DO NOT REMOVE watermarks and credit from the artwork.


You may message me on the platform you contacted me for a WIP of your commission.
I will do minor revisions, such as mistakes, missing details etc. free of charge.
♥ Major revisions such as entire outfits, poses, full backgrounds, etc. will include extra payment.
If your character is extremely detailed, I reserve the right to charge extra.
This will be stated before you send the payment.
I will not provide a refund if the commissioner is not satisfied with the product.
Check refunds for more info.
Please state everything I need to know about the commission clearly and in full detail when ordering, as I will work exactly as instructed.
If you want a redraw of the commission, you will have to commission me again.


I will not provide refunds after sketch has been approvedFull refunds are only to be given DURING the commission process or within specific circumstances, such as:
The commissioner decides to cancel the commission BEFORE I start working on it.
I cancel the commission due to not being able to work on / finish it.
♥ You may request a WIP after the payment. After approving the sketch, I will continue on to rendering the art work.
♥ If you are not satisfied with the sketch, I will keep working on it until you APPROVE it, or you can cancel the commission, receiving a refund.
However, if you have approved the sketch and I have begun working on the next phase, you will not be compensated for canceling the commission.

Commission Prices and Examples

Please note: Additional charges may be added to complex character designs, backgrounds and extra characters.For Commercial Use the price will start at 100€ + the regular price.

__ Rendered__

  • Bust up -- 50€

  • Chibi -- 50€

  • Half Body -- 70€

  • Full body-- 100€


Colored Sketch

  • Bust up -- 30€

  • Simple Chibi -- 25€

  • Half Body -- 45€

  • Full body-- 70€


Custom Character Reference

  • Custom Character -- 120€

  • Reference sheet -- 160€

  • Detailed Character design Sheet-- 200€